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Spa for Paws
Grooming, Boarding, and Doggy Daycare

We are now using Kelco brand all natural shampoos and conditioners!**
**Exceptions are the Low-Shed treatments, Flea and Tick, and De-Skunk treatments. 

Our grooming shop is the only shop in El Paso that has a promised 4 hour turn around time (unless your pet is special needs)

We require proof of current rabies vaccines for any grooming appointment. Puppies must have completed their puppy series of DHPP and Rabies. 

Dog Grooming prices are based on the breed of dog you have and the service you want provided. A complete price list is below. The prices listed do not include tax. 

Dog Grooming:  Walk ins welcome on a space available basis 
Full Groom: Haircut, Bath, dry, brush, nail trim, ear plucking/cleaning.
Mini Groom: Bath, dry, brush, nail trim, ear plucking/cleaning.
Kennel Bath: Wash, Standard Brushing, and Dry.

*Anal gland expression can be added on any of the above for no extra charge.  

Cat Grooming:  By appointment only.  Please see cat grooming info below in the FAQ's section! 
​Full Groom: (either a Lion cut or Sunflower cut) $65
Mini Groom: $35
Install your own nail caps: $20-Comes with a week warranty for free reinstallation if they come off. **Must have the caps and have purchased the correct size originally. Installation times vary from cat to cat and can take from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on your cats behavior.  

Special Shampoo and Other items: 

Flea and Tick Dip:  Large: $15, Small $10 (not a preventative)
Low Shed Treatment: $5 for small dogs/short hair-$15 for large dogs/long hair, $10 for medium dogs. Longer/excessive buildup of undercoat may cost extra. (Please allow extra time for this service.) 
De Skunk shampoo-$5-$20 depending on size and coat length.
(Please allow extra time for this service.)
Kelco Hypo Allergenic shampoo-$3
Kelco Whitening Shampoo-$3
Kelco Conditioning Treatment-$3
Teeth Brushing: W/groom: $3.50, Ala Carte: $5
Bows or ribbons: No charge, just let us know what you'd like!
Face, Feet, and Fanny (trim each of these areas)
During their bath: $10, Ala carte: $15
Nail Trims: $10 (walk ins welcome w/proof of rabies)
Nail Trim and Dremmel: $15
Anal Glands without bath: $10

Additional Fees and Charges: 
Handling Fee: $10
Matt Fees: $5-$10
EXPRESS SERVICE (completed in less than 2 hours)-$10 extra

Grooming Price List
*Prices listed do not include tax


Meet Our Groomers

Erica (Head Groomer)
"Humanity before Vanity"
Erica got in to grooming because she grew up around pets and has a passion for animals. She began grooming in 2006 and went to the Petsmart Grooming Academy in Tuscon Arizona. She did all her hands on training at Petsmart. She joined the Spa for Paws family in May, 2013 because she wanted a less corporate environment where she felt her contributions would make a difference. Her hobbies include crocheting, hanging out with her cats, and attending concerts and fairs with her family.  Erica is available every day except Wednesday and Sunday. 
Mj (Mary) "Grooming is far more than a job. It is something I love because pets are truly my passion."
Mj is a born and raised El Pasoan that grew up in the East Side. She has a great interest in holistic pet care and found that grooming was more than just pretty haircuts. It helped with allergies, skin problems, and reduced shedding. She went to grooming school at Penn Foster and did her hands on as a volunteer at the Humane Society of El Paso. She is also our cat, bunny, and guinea pig groomer! She has been with the Spa for Paws family since November of 2016 and works Monday-Friday. When she is not grooming, she often helps with Dog Daycare. She enjoys hiking, camping, art, traveling, and visiting museums. Mj is available Monday-Friday.
Cat & Critter Grooming
Mj is our resident cat and critter groomer. She bathes and shaves cats, and grooms rabbits, and guinea pigs and also trims their nails! She's available Monday-Friday. 
Julia is a 22 year Army veteran that retired in 2016 and needed to find a new career. She began grooming at Animal Services as a volunteer in 2015 when she saw a need and decided to learn how to fill it. The album "Groomed Dogs" on the City of El Paso Animal Services Facebook page is hers and she still grooms for them accasionally. She began working as a groomer at Spa for Paws in August, 2016.  She does this for fun, because she adores dogs. Julia HAS NOT been to any formal grooming school and want's you to know that! She is the only groomer on Sundays.  

Grooming FAQ's

Do you require an appointment? 

How long will it take/why so long?

When can I pick up my dog?

Appointments are HIGHLY recommended. We only take walk-ins on a space available basis and space is not always available.  We do not accept walks ins for cat grooming. 
If your dog is being boarded and getting groomed prior to pick up, we will have them ready by the time you requested when making your reservation. If no time was listed, then we will call you when your dog is ready. If you didn't list a time and you just show up to get your pup, there is a good chance your dog will not be done, so please either list a time or wait for our call. 
Our groomers are allowed 4 hours per dog. Grooming doesn't happen like most people think. If a dog came in and was washed, dried, and styled back to back, our groomers would only be able to complete 3-4 dogs per day. Instead, a dog arrives and is washed and then kennel dried under an automatic dryer. While one dog dries, our groomers can work on other dogs. By using this method, groomers can accomodate more customers. It does not always take four hours, but during our busy times, or your dog is in horrible condition, has a lot of excess fur, or if you are requesting de-shed or de-skunk services, please allow them the full time. Rushing leads to ugly haircuts.  If you need your dog back quicker, check out our Express Service. 

What if I don't like my dogs haircut?

What is required?

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Proof of current rabies for dogs and cats. Puppies must have completed all their puppy series. 
Only if you no-show for a cat grooming, a Saturday grooming, or for multiple weekday grooming appointments. 
If you are picky about how you want your pooch cut, then come in person to talk to the groomer and specify exactly what you want. Do not send a friend or spouse with vague instructions like "short, but not too short". If there is anything we can do to fix an issue during pick up, we will do so. We do not offer refunds on grooming since the work has already been done, so please, if you're picky, be sepcific. Pictures and written instructions are also ok. 

What is a matting fee?

What is an express service?

What does the tooth brushing entail?

A mat fee occurs when you have not been maintaining your dogs coat at home. If your dog has long hair, it requires brushing just like ours. If you do not brush them, it tangles. When these tangles get too large to brush out, these are called mats. Mats require either extensive brushing with special tools, or additional care to have them removed. You'll be charged a matting fee even if we are doing a complete shave down because it takes more time and it damages our blades. 
The express service means your dog will be completed in less than two hours. It costs $10 extra and we can accomodate 2 express services per day. 
Our tooth brushing service is just like how you'd brush your teeth every morning except the toothpaste tastes worse. The dogs seem to like it, though. It is not the extensive cleaning a vet does under anesthesia and since the tooth paste is made for dogs, their breath will not be minty on pick up. 

I showed up and now you guys won't groom my dog! What gives? 

You called and said my dog has fleas/ticks-How did that happen?

Is Tipping Customary?

Yes. The amount depends on the extent of service and your level of satisfaction. Groomers always appreciate tips!
If your pet goes outside, or gets near other animals that go outside, and is not on some kind of preventative, picking up fleas and ticks is very common. Fleas and ticks are very prevalent in the Spring and Summer months, and even more so if we didn't have a very cold winter.  If the groomers spot a flea or a tick, you are called right away. You can either come and pick up your dog at this point, or allow us to do a flea and tick dip.  
You missed your appointment or didn't bring proof of current vaccinations.  We arrange grooming so that all dogs are completed by the time we promise. If we can take you as a walk in, we absolutely will, but if you show up an hour late to your appointment or you don't bring your shot records, please don't be mad at us! 

Cat Grooming Info:

Why does my dog shake when it comes in? 

​ What can I expect when I get my dog?

Mini grooms for cats are anything that doesn't involve a haircut. For full grooms, We do two haircuts: The lion and the sunflower. There are several variations to each so feel free to bring a photo. We do not "trim" cats. Working one handed (you need one hand to scruff the cat) with scissors is dangerous and we just won't do it. Both haircuts are shaves. Cat's often don't shave smooth like dogs because each folicle can have multiple hairs, unlike dogs. They can also stress out a lot quicker and our groomer will not jeopardize your cats health for a haircut, so if they begin to spazz out (that's a technical term), the groom may not get completed. We don't groom very old cats (skin is too thin) and we don't sedate cats. You'd need a vet to do that.  
They don't want a bath and they are nervous. They can hear and smell all the other dogs and it's unfamiliar to them. Most are fine soon after we start. 
​That really depends on you and your dog. If your dog is in good shape and you maintain their coat with regular grooming, you shouldn't notice any change except a better smelling, groomed dog. If you don't bring them often and don't maintain them at home, your pet may get stressed and show short term behavior changes, lethargy, loss of appetite, or loose stool among other things. These are exacerbated the older your pet is and the worse condition it's in. If the hair is impacted or matted, expect to see bruising or other skin conditions that were hidden by the excessive amounts of hair. Be aware that if you bring an exceptionally old dog in exceptionally bad condition, we may refuse service due to the health risks of grooming a dog like that. 

​Are there any dogs you wont groom?

We will not groom pregnant or nursing dogs.  We won't groom puppies that have not had all three of their puppy shots and their rabies shot. These should be completed by 4 months of age. Dogs that are ridiculously aggressive will not be groomed for safety reasons. Work on socialization before bringing them to a grooming shop.  Dogs that are super old should probably be groomed at a vet clinic unless they are very used to the grooming process and are in decent shape. If they begin to have seizures or stress too much, we will not complete the groom! Safety First!