1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
Spa for Paws
Grooming, Boarding, and Doggy Daycare

Meet the Spa for Paws Team!

Our team is completely dedicated to the care of your animals.  

  1. Julia
    Julia is paw parent to one cat and three dogs. She is a 22 year Army vet that retired out of Ft. Bliss and decided to pursue her passion for animals after retirement. She has been with us since August 2016
  2. Erica
    Head Groomer
    Erica is paw parent to two cats and has been grooming for more than a decade! She has been with the Spa since 2013 and adores Huskies!
  3. Nat
    Dog Daycare
    Nat is paw parent to the beautiful Sade'. Sade' was a boarding dog that was on her way from our Spa to the Animal Shelter when Nat stepped in to "foster" her. They now live happily ever after! Nat has been with us since November, 2016.
  4. Elvis
    Office Cat
    He pees on everything but he's been here too long to kick out.
  5. Justin
    Justin is the newest member of our family. He is a big fan of cats and volunteers to do the cat room every time he's here.
  6. Mj
    Mj is paw parent to three dogs, a cat, and several rodents. She is passionate about the proper care of pets. She has been with us since August 2016.
  7. Autumn
    Dog Daycare
    Autumn is paw parent to three cats, two dogs, and an iguana. She helps with dog daycare on Mondays and holidays.
  8. Ericka
    Dog Daycare
    Ericka is paw parent to one cat and three dogs. She does daycare on Tuesdays and holidays.
  9. Jorge
    Jorge is the Manager and is paw parent to six rescue dogs. Jorge is the manager and has been with us since January, 2016.
  10. Travis
    Dog Daycare/Kennels
    Travis got a dog! Finally! He is paw parent to Marley (pictured) and does both Doggy Daycare and cleans kennels. Travis has been with us since June, 2016.
  11. Greg
    Greg has been with the Spa for Paws family for more than 20 years! He also owns Elvis' sister, Samantha.
  12. Rapunzel aka "Big Pun"
    Rapunzel aka "Big Pun"
    Office Dog
    Rapunzel was adopted from Animal Services on Cinco De Mayo weekend. She was on deaths door and we thought she only had a week to live but shes "Still Alive!" That's her motto!
  13. Daniella
    Daniella came on board August, 2018. She owns one dog and handles morning reception.
  14. Mintasha
    Mintasha has been with us since July, 2018 and is a doggy daycare attendant!